You have the data
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Wholesale Suppliers and Distributors

Smart technology to drive sales growth directly from sales data

Methodic turns your big data into actionable sales leads, ready for your team to action.

  • Targeted
  • Quantified
  • Automatic
  • Frequent
  • Ongoing

Increase and maintain sales of each and every customer account

Automatic big data analysis of every customer's sales history to identify new product recommendations (upsells, cross-sells and next best offer) and drop offs in repeat-purchase behaviour

Turn average sales reps and account managers into sales superstars

Methodic delivers your sales team fresh sales leads on their existing customer accounts by performing the in-depth analysis they wish they had the time and resources available for.

Stop repeat-purchase revenue bleeding

Monitor sales trends and alert sales reps to specific drop-offs in repeat purchase behaviour, so that they can save sales that would otherwise be lost.

Eliminate the need to manually analyse historical sales trends

Be alerted to important customer insights, keep your team focused on generating revenue and maintaining customer relationships.

Available in the office or on the road

Built using the latest in web technology, Methodic is fully responsive and accessible on any device.

Drive sales growth directly from sales data

Targeted and quantified sales opportunities

Evidence-based next best offer upsell and cross-sell leads, individually targeted for existing customers, with revenue forecasts

Automatic and frequent big-data analysis

Automated, ongoing and accountable big-data analysis, empowering marketing campaigns that repeatedly generate sales


Each and every customer is compared and analysed to determine specific and relevant offers for them


A dollar-based Value at Stake is calculated for each lead; automating campaign revenue forecasting

Fully integrated

Easily and seamlessly integrates and synchronises with your ERP, CRM, accounting package and shopping cart software


Automatically monitors, measures and reports on KPIs; know which analysis is working, how well it works and why


Pre-analysis data retrieval and post-analysis data export is automated to ensure maximum ease-of-use and continuity


Innovative and powerful add-on data analysis modules, uncover the specific customer insights you need - as leads, not charts


Designed with the flexibility to adapt to meet specific needs, such as custom workflows or third-party platform integration

Ongoing support

Our friendly team will make the setup process a breeze and ensure that the system works perfectly for you 24/7

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