You have the data
We operationalise it


Turn your big data in to actionable sales tasks

Methodic puts you in a better position to upsell and cross-sell to existing accounts, as well as prevent repeat-purchase sales from being lost, through two highly innovative, industry leading products.

  • The PRE-sales system analyses sales data to identify new product recommendations for existing customers - upsells, cross-sells and next best offer - to grow sales accounts.
  • The Lost Sales system analyses sales data, to identify and warn of drop offs in repeat-purchase behaviour, to prevent those sales from being lost.

Both of these systems deliver the results as “leads” directly to the account manager, so that they can follow up with their customer account.

Automatic analysis of sales trends

Our clients guided the development of the system, with the goal of eliminating the need for their sales reps to manually analyse historical trends, so that their time could instead be spent generating revenue.

Each month, the system analyses your data to generate an evidence-based list of targeted sales leads for each customer, including an estimation of order quantity, frequency and the value at stake.  The sales reps love it, because they make more sales.

Increase sales, grow customer accounts

Businesses that depend on repeat-business - such as B2B, wholesale or big retail - utilise the powerful big-data analysis of Methodic's systems to provide their sales team with powerful insights into each of their accounts, so that their focus remains on generating revenue, not analysing sales data.

Better yet, both systems do this without the hassle of installing any hardware, software or requiring any change existing IT systems.

Transform your big data into targeted and automated marketing campaigns

Deliver more targeted, relevant and personalised marketing to increase sales revenues from existing customers


Product Recommendation Engine (PRE) identifies targeted opportunities to upsell and cross-sell to existing customers

Lost Sales

Repeat purchase monitoring; a bandage to stop repeat-purchase sales revenue bleeding


Next, operationalise the recommendations:

Campaign type:

  • Manual one-off campaign, specifically targeted
  • Automatic campaign, repeated at a specified frequency

Medium / channel:

  • Email
  • Digital or print catalogue
  • Promotional website
  • CRM opportunity task integration

Ideal for:

  • POS, ERP, CRM, shopping cart software
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Wholesalers
  • Distributors
  • B2B enterprise
  • SME and large retailers

Add-on Modules

Focus on specific targets and marketing opportunities to improve response rates; generate more action and more revenue from your data.

Talk to us today about how your business can utilise add-on modules for your Methodic system to boost your marketing capabilities.

Life stage

Identify customers' major purchase events, indicative of increase future purchase behaviour


Maps common customer order paths to identify which product purchases open up a whole new set of purchase opportunities


Identifies your top trending products to enhance product recommendation opportunities


Identify common up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, based on a given product or segment


Identify which customer segments are the fastest to try new products


Discover which marketing and sales activities actually drive the most sustainable revenue


Identifies the best bundling of products for targeted offers to customer segments


Automatically determines which product to market to which customer at what price


Generate a list of the most important customers to target right now


Discovers which product(s) have opened sales growth for customer accounts


Determine customer segments by grouping based on shared purchases


Identifies the most at-risk customers and customer segments


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