You have the data
We operationalise it

Small and Medium Business

The problem

The two greatest sales and marketing challenges facing small and medium business worldwide are:

  • How to increase sales to existing customers
  • How to prevent repeat-purchase sales from being lost

Currently, Sales and Marketing staff suffer through the monthly task of crawling over a range of sales reports and charts from CRMs, BI tools and analytics packages to identify such opportunities.  It's a time consuming and - let's face it - boring task... but it works.  Targeted marketing and personalised recommendations are the key to increasing your share of the customer's wallet.

The good news is that we have automated this incredibly important task.  Plus we've even gone one step further - the next step: marketing the results of the analysis.

The solution

Methodic frequently and automatically analyses your big data to deliver more targeted, relevant and personalised marketing to existing customers.  Our platform transforms transactional sales data into sales opportunities.  The opportunities are not only automatically tasked to sales reps / account managers, but also delivered direct to your customer via automated email marketing campaigns.

The result

Methodic delivers on the promise of big data. You will be promoting more relevant, personalised new product recommendations - and also keeping an eye on repeat-purchases, so you can act if they drop off.

  • Sales revenue increases
  • Engagement increases
  • Profitability increases

Unsurprisingly, Methodic is winning the love and admiration of Sales and Marketing teams everywhere!

Methodic eliminates the need to manually analyse historical sales trends
So that more time can be spent generating revenue

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