You have the data
We operationalise it


The problem

The organisation has invested significant capital to capture and store big data, through ERP and/or CRM systems.  Still, it takes teams of BIs and data scientists to analyse the data and teams of MBAs to determine how to best utilise the insights.  Only then can a marketing campaign be devised and executed.

Existing marketing platfroms for the global tech companies do help manage this process, but the ROI just does not stack up.

The solution

Methodic has packaged the big-data-driven, must-have marketing activities into a platform - so all the Marketing department needs to focus on is the creative.

The platform automatically and frequently analyses customer data to identify next best offers, such as up-sells and cross-sells, then promotes the recommendations to the customer via a variety of channels:

  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Catalogue
  • Website

The result

Your big data has been transformed into targeted and automated marketing campaigns.

Resulting in a drastically simplified marketing campaign process, requiring fewer teams from fewer departments, to deliver the opportunities that the Marketing team would love to promote to customers.

Unsurprisingly, Methodic is winning the love and admiration of Marketing - and IT - departments everywhere!

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