You have the data
We operationalise it

Drive sales growth directly from sales data

Transform your big data into targeted and automatic marketing campaigns.

Methodic has a suite of big data products, which deliver the most desired big data capabilities out-of-the-box; drastically reducing risk and lead time for establishing big data driven projects.

How it works

We have made setting up and running our data analysis systems as easy as possible, so that you can focus on implementing the results and generating revenue.


The Methodic systems utilise the everyday sales data that is stored in your existing POS, ERP, CRM, Accounting package or e-commerce shopping cart software:

  • Order date
  • Customer Account
  • Product
  • Quantity
  • Unit price

This data is retrieved automatically by the Methodic system, via seamless integration with your existing software - or simply exported via CSV file format.

The Data Analysis

Now the magic can begin.  The system mines and analyses your sales data:

  1. Each of your customers are compared against each other, to determine how similar their sales history is

  2. Each customer can then be compared against clusters of customers (segments) that they are similar to, to discover any products they are yet to have purchased that the majority of the cluster has; these are the sale opportunities

  3. These products are then quantified to provide an indicative value of the sale opportunity

The Benefit

Now we have a list of opportunities - a prospecting list of leads for your existing customers

How would you like to action these opportunities?

  • Deliver them directly via email to your sales team or account managers for their action?
  • Integrate directly with your existing CRM package, so that they can be tracked like any other sales opportunity?
  • Automatically synchronise with your preferred email marketing platform or Marketing Automation System, to be sent and tracked as a campaign?
  • Produce a catalogue of highly targeted products to specific customer segments - even automate this process?

These new product opportunities are the key to generating more revenue, with more relevant and targeted marketing.


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